When and where are you moving?

That is one of the most popular questions I receive. I don't know the answer to either of those questions, and it isn't very often that I do know. So, here is the full explination of what I do know about this next move.

Sometime around June 19th Dad gets to tell the Navy what he wants to fly. Then on the 25th-ish the Navy will tell him what the Navy wants him to fly. The Navy wins. If he has good enough grades and there is a slot open for what he chooses, he might actually get it. He wants Jets, but the Navy could give him any of the following:

Jets- Kingsville, TX- 1 year

Jets-Meridian, MS- 1 year

E6/P3 (big planes)-Corpus Christi, TX- 6 months

Helicopters- Milton, FL- 6 months

This is just another school though, and where we will actually end up could be just about anywhere. Of course we'll only be in that place for a short time too...

Oh, yeah, and once the Navy tells him what he is going to fly, we will have less than 2 weeks to get there and get settled.

It is a good thing I get bored easy and I can pack and unpack very quickly. I see it as a challenge and it keeps life interesting.

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  1. You have such a good attitude!
    Keep us posted :D


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