How you can help.

Thanks so much to all of our family and friends that have sent emails and comments! I am sorry I haven't had time to respond to you individually, my inbox is full of craigslist offers for our stuff we are trying to off load and I am running out of time. We do appreciate your letters and will have nothing but time in a few weeks and will respond then.

I did want to make a blanket post though, to say thanks to the many of you who asked and to answer the number one question.

"How can I help?" ~We are so blessed that you asked!

Well, prayer would be first on our list. Next would be to keep in touch-write us letters and send us pictures. We LOVE hearing from you! If you still want to help further (we'd be honored) we need books for school. Books that don't take up any space. Gift certificates at are perfect because we can get all of our curriculum from there, plus great books for our entire family to enjoy. We will be using Charlotte Mason Education next year, which means TONS of great books. I have checked out the library system in the areas we could be living and it leaves much to be wanting... Just another way I got spoiled in Colorado.

Anyhow, thanks again for asking. I never expected it, but should have known. I do have such great family and friends.
Much love!

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