On our trip to Meridian

We did really like the area which surprised us, but we didn't find a place to live, if that is where we are going to be transfered. Despite the constant rain and my really bad cold, we had some good laughs. We decided the people there must speak another language. Like the chicken farmer from Napolean Dynamite. Seriously. The roads were called silly names like "Minnow Bucket" and "Toomsumba." I ran over a snake by accident, and we had to stop for a turtle crossing the road. The base was small but nice, and it had a lake and horse stables too.

Daddy thought it would be funny to tell Peanut that the sign said she couldn't come so we had to turn around. She did not find this funny at all, and I found that to be the perfect opportunity to take her picture. Of course all was well when we explained what the sign really meant.

This was at a local gas station

and we found that to be quite amuzing as well. The farm houses were beautiful, but way out of our price range. We are still hoping to end up there anyhow...


  1. Now if every office, store, school, etc., had this sign!

  2. That last sign is hilarious! :D


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