Well, here it is, the short version.

We are selling all our possessions and moving into an RV. Really. Seriously.
We are taking a giant step towards a new life, and we are so excited!

This is our new van. And new home. We are getting rid of all of our stuff that doesn't matter and spending a year growing together wherever the Navy sends us. I could go on for a long time with all the reasons why and how we are going to do this, but that could take hours. Sometime in the next two or three weeks when the Navy tells us what Dad is going to fly, we will be moving into our new home and driving away on an amazing adventure. Do hard things!


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    You are living the dream :D
    Ok, one question (well, for now, hehe) ~ will you still have internet access??

  2. I look forward to hearing all that happens this next year. The best part is that you all will grow so much stronger as a family! You are more then awesome my sister as our father will lead the way!

  3. Yes! We will have internet. The RV parks near all of the bases are pretty nice. If it's Meridian or here in Milton we'll have a gated community, swimming pool, library, laundry room, comumunity kitchen, bathroom and shower. Kingsville is pretty much the same, minus the pool... We will be taking the computer and possibly a small tv for movies. Rent, water/sewer, electricity, cable, and internet will cost up little more than piano lessons did. :) Check out one of the blogs I follow, Plymouth Rock Ranch, they have 10 children and live in an RV while their ranch is being built. They've got an awesome setup!

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  5. ok - now I'm using my google account to make the blog happy...

  6. Wow - I'm so proud of you - being able to 'store up your treasures in heaven' and be near the bases. For as long as the Navy is the life you've chosen - you have the solution you need.
    Praise God.

  7. Hey guys! Joe, good to see you today, and thanks for telling me about this blog. Congrats on the new trailer and van - that is awesome! I remember you saying that you'd love to have a campground up in the mountains... now you'll get to live the camping life without having to wait for retirement! Jessica, your photos are amazing, as always. We're so glad that things are going so well for you guys :-)
    -Jay and Louise

  8. So inspirational! Another friend of mine did the same thing recently and it makes me want to just start cleaning out closets and sell everything.


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