Sooooo.... The message you've all been waiting for...

yup, I am married to a jet pilot!
My husband is going to fly JETS!!!
We leave for Meridian, Mississippi, in just 15 days. And my husband is going to fly jets.

I can't post more right now because I am still letting it all soak in and because my husband has requested Chicken Lips as his celebratory feast. Off to fry chicken!
Did I mention, jets?



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  2. Comment malfunctions...

    I can't believe you're leaving me!

    That is so incredible for you guys though! Your hard work sure paid off in a huge way...

    Just awesome!

  3. I'm sorry, did you say Chicken Lips? Gross!
    Sigh, I'm glad to hear that ya'll got jets and are having your dreams come true, but I'm terribly sad that ya'll are leaving us!
    Well, I pray that ya'll have many good years ahead of ya!



  4. WE ARE SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  5. Praise God for achieving such a milestone! I am happy I found your family blog and have added you to my current blogs to keep up with. I will be praying for you during your journey. Feel free to visit our blog as well,


  6. That is really amazing!!!! Such an accomplishment for your husband!! We will miss you guys so much! I really had fun teaching your kids and will never forget you guys! You have such a BEAUTIFUL family!! I hope we can see you all soon!! And we will keep in touch!

  7. I'm hoping I figured out how to leave my message without it looking like it's from Edward! I'm super happy for all of your, and thanking God for being faithful and keeping his promises. Love you all lots, be safe this week when you travel. Oh, and thanks again Joseph for serving our country.


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