I Heart Colorado

Dad called today from beautiful Boulder, Colorado, just to rub in the perfect weather and lovely scenery. I am so jealous! It was only 103 here today, but I can't even describe the humidity in a way you'll understand unless you've been here in the summer. Everyone always says "yeah, it's humid in my hometown too" but unless they are referring to a bayou, they have no clue. Seriously, you have sweat dripping from places I can't mention after being outside for only 3 minutes. At 5 am. And it's only June. But I am not complaining! I will put up with flying bird-sized bugs, fire ants, and sweaty armpits for the friends I've made here any day.

Here is a picture from October 2007. We hiked up this mountain a few times a month for a picnic, what a lovely place.

How I miss the mountains! I really loved living in Colorado. I pray to have a home way up in the mountains some day. It is so breathtaking there! I miss the smell of the mountain air and the amazing afternoon thunderstorms. I never thought I'd say it, but the winters are great too.

This picture is from a year ago. My how time flies! What an awesome place to go to school every day!

alright, last picture. I am getting all teary-eyed looking through files for pictures from our 3 years in Colorado...

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  1. I LOVE it here! Although I gotta say, this humidity is still nothing compared to Japan. I shall see in a month or 2.


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