Blueberry Picking

We went picking blueberries at a sweet little farm nearby. I think I'd like to own some land with some gardens and orchards some day. It was a very nice feeling being out in the country. Mmmmm. Maybe some day.
We all really enjoyed picking the berries, even though we had to wear long sleeves for the bees so we were dripping with sweat even though it was only 8 am.
Daddy was lifting Peanut up to the "Heaven of Blueberries" where the other's couldn't reach.
Butter was eating them, but not as fast as we were picking them.
They both have the same look of wonder (or is it the look of-"I am holding this pose so mom can take the picture"?)

Even Pops was picking- we had to take leaves out of his two teeth a few times!

The girls carried our bounty to the farmer to pay. This large 6 pound bucket plus 3 delicious zuchinni was only $7! Organic too!
We hope we will be able to hit that farm up one more time before we leave here, and will be scouting for some U-pick places wherever we end up too. It was a nice time!


  1. How fun! and Adorable! Thanks for posting :D

  2. That's awesome! I'll be headed to those farms soon too. I'm currently starting my organic garden.


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