A Note from Dad:

Well, we are finally here. The children may not see it as all that interesting, so perhaps the “we” means my wife and me, but it happens to be no small event in my life. Tomorrow we will find out what I’ve felt would become inevitable since I was a young boy. I know that Mom is pretty nervous about the whole thing, understandably, but I’m mostly very happy just to have had an opportunity to be here and get a chance to chase my dreams. I feel surprisingly comfortable with what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far, and I’m going to be excited and happy for whatever happens tomorrow. Obviously I would like it if the Navy also wants me to have what I want, but I’ll be happy either way. It’s amazing the change that I’ve undergone being on the journey toward reaching my dreams. I’ve grown up as a man, a husband, a father, and a Christian. The path has by no means ever been easy, and has required both gentle and drastic changes in perception, understanding, and disciplines. I’m just thankful for the God given opportunity to find my place and be able to pursue my purposes…


  1. That's amazing, Joe! Thanks for sharing, and we're praying about tomorrow!!

  2. So amazing! Isn't it great when we finally "get it"?


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