You're Bored, You Say?

What's that?  5 Chickens aren't enough?  Awwww, just get 2 more then. 

My husband has been waiting for these little Speckled Sussex to be hatched like a kid waiting for the Easter Bunny (who is that guy, anyway?) They were supposed to be ready the same time as the other chicks we got, but apparently they were delayed do to bad weather.  Every Friday (that is the day the local country store gets their new arrivals) my husband has been checking for these little guys.  Well, they were finally here this week, so he had me pick up two.  Never mind that the others are now too big to introduce these new little fluffy ladies.  That means two chick brooders in my living room.  Two feeders, two waterers, two more poopers, until these ladies are big enough to hold their own.
 TOO much fun!  Aren't they adorable!?

Here is what they are supposed to look like when full grown.

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