Up to Trash.

Here is one of our most recent projects.

It's a compost bin.

We learned how to make it from the Homemade book we bought here:

I must admit, I have never really been one of those "Save the Planet" type people.  It doesn't help that most places we have lived, we actually had to pay to recycle.  Let me see- extra work and I have to pay for it? Not so much... 
But, I do like being a good steward, and I don't like wasting.  Add into that- our wayyyy too expensive, way, way too small garbage can that only gets picked up once a week, and you've got me sold on free recycling.  Seriously, we have to crush every single thing we can possible crush into the garbage can, have Boy climb into the bin and crush it some more, and then still call someone from church to see if we can throw an extra bag into their bin so we don't incur extra charges for our trash can lid not closing tightly... and we pay $94/month for this?  Anyway, Dad, Sis, and Boy built us a compost bin and we are reading all about it.  This is Science Class, 101.


  1. Are you kidding?

    We started composting just 2 weeks ago.
    Are you copying my thoughts or something? Or am I copying yours?

    Our bin isn't nearly as awesome looking as yours. It isn't really even a bin. More like an 'area' sectioned off by pallets. I should take a picture and blog about it.

  2. Fine carpenters you all are, your compost looks very impressive!


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