We are so excited about our kitchen garden (more pictures later) and we have already harvested some Rhubarb.  I grew up with it, and never even knew the leaves are poisonous to eat...  

Some of us really enjoy it's unique and sour flavor straight out of the ground.

Some just want to play with it.

Don't worry, I read that you'd have to eat 11 pounds of leaves to have any toxic effect, but  I didn't let her taste any anyway.

Jams, Jellies, and Pies, here I come!  That is, if there is enough Rhubarb left to make some!


  1. Seriously loving your blog lately!
    And I miss those beautiful kids of yours. Tell them the Culburritos say hello.
    Jacksonville is making me crazy.

  2. Oh, and Ryan has a serious love for Rhubarb pie. He told my friend once that her Rhubarb pie was better than any pie I'd ever made him. Wrong thing to say. ;)
    But it was true.

    Growler looks a bit like daddy in these pictures.

    I'm sending you a package. Will have some sticks in it since I won't need any for a while. Let me know if you don't need any.

  3. Haha, too cute :D Oooh, I have some recipes to send you... remind me if I forget!!

  4. Rhubarb Pie for Grandma in July!! WHOOPEE!! Love it!

  5. Mel, HAHA about the sticks. At first I though you meant the glue kind and I was really confused about why you wouldn't be needing them... and then I got it. I would love some, thanks! and shame on Ryan!

    Kim, I would love some recipes!


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