It's So Fluffy, I'm Gonna Die!

I have this precious daughter.  I think her love-o-meter was set on super high.  Even as a young toddler she had to squish other babies to show her affection for them.  I was a bit concerned when I was unable to deter her from smothering babies in the church nursery until a wonderful woman reminded me that squishing babies with extreme intensity would translate into being a good mother one day.

I took her for her word, and have seen the face smooshing in a new light.  I mean, when the baby starts crying and I say "please, let go of her and be more gentle" the reply is "but I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE her, I just love her, she is so cute" spoken with as much intensity as the hug was given. I am sometimes forced to pry little fingers off of the screaming baby.

Said child is now much older, 4 to be exact.  She is still smooshing.  She squashes anything she loves.  Dolls, and stuffed animals, and our dog seem to like it just fine.  Younger brothers, baby sisters, our cat, and little chicks~ not so much.

I recently saw this movie.  I am not really a fan of comparing my children to make-believe characters from Disney movies, but there is no denying there are some similar character traits in this little girl "Agnes" and my own.

These are really short:

I would have snorted milk out my nose, had I been drinking any.


  1. Londyn is 5 and I am CONSTANTLY reminding her to be gentle with LillyAnne. And I love Agnes!

  2. Oh oh oh oh....I knew which one it is!!! Can I say...please please please! LOL! At least you know she doesnt mean to accidently destroy anything...maliciously! HEE HEE, next time I'm out I'll squeeze her til she pops! Mr. Pilot remember anyone saying that to him, or his animals when he was little??

  3. These are so awesome...Aunties favorite line too, "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"


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