When We Are Bored

We like to do things big around here, and we never like to be bored.  I guess we got bored.

Meet the newest members of our flock.

 This is Butter (4) with "Rosemary"

Sis (6) with "Dandy-Lion"

Boy (10) ((oh my goodness, he is TEN)) with "Soren"

Pops (2.5) with "Miss Muffet"

and Guys (11) with "Cinnamon"

Hopefully we can keep the other farm animals away from our new little chicks!

Don't you want about 10 of them for yourself?

Dad is in the process of building a chicken tractor for when they are old enough to move outside.

and I am still trying to convince Butter it is "just a little chicky poop"

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