Joy in the Simple

In my ongoing search for true contentment, I have begun to realize the importance of finding joy in the simple and in recognizing the Creator's handiwork all around me.

My sweet daughter brought me some simple joy the other evening.

I could have said "those are just weeds, throw them in the trash" and thrown a daughter's smile in the trash along with the weeds.  I would have also thrown away my chance for a taste of joy.

By the Grace of God, I took those beautiful weeds and put them in my precious grandmother's creamer and placed it on the windowsill.  Simple, right?

At the giving of thanks for our bread that night, Sweet Butter (4) breathed pure Joy "Father God, thank You for this day, thank You for our food, and thank You for all the beautiful flowers You planted, like the Dandelions, Amen."

And my eyes swelled with simple joy.

Search for Him, He is there. And Smile. When you feel like there are just too many weeds, make a bouquet!


  1. Boy, we're thinking alike. I have written a post and scheduled it for tomorrow. It's about a small child. And flowers. And a creamer pitcher.

  2. I'm reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp right now. Have you read it yet? So far it's amazing... And this would fit right in :)

  3. pilotswife, I just read your post. we were thinking alike. And all your recent posts made me lol!

    TwoBoysMom, YES! I am reading that book. I have been reading it one slow page at a time and soaking it all in. I started studying contentment several months ago. I am also reading some of the puritan stuff on it cause it they really know how to tell it. It is a really big bite to chew. Anyhow, I'm only on chapter 7 and I think it is my new favorite book. I will def. post on it at some point. Just afraid I won't do it justice.

  4. I'm only on ch. 3 cuz I'm doing the same thing ~~ one slow page at a time! Loving the whole *eucharisteo* thing... I find myself suddenly thinking, at crazy moments during the day, "Ahhh, Eucharisteo........ :)"
    Started a journal, trying to get to my own 1,000, if I can just remember to write in it, hehe ~~ anyway wish me luck :)
    Looking forward to your blog on it!


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