The One Sunny Day...

I know you have all been wondering, how are they handling all that rain?

Why, we are having a festival, of course!

Actually, and very surprisingly I might add, we have been doing just fine.

When I'd mention moving to Whidbey, people would say "you don't want to go there, what are you going to do with all that rain, you will get so depressed" or, "you will need to buy a tanning light to keep your spirits up, you will be stuck inside every day." At first I was a little concerned. In all the other places I've lived (the midwest, the west, the southeast, and the south, just about everywhere I guess) I would have a little trouble if the skies were cloudy for too long.  Eeyore syndrome or something.  Turns out though, it really is a misconception. The concern was misplaced (much like when people say to me "are all these kids yours? I feel sorry for you, you must be poor, deprived, and a wretch..." (smirk))

We are in the "banana belt" or something like that, and it really isn't bad.  True, it rains often, but it isn't pouring. And it isn't cold.  And the sky is gorgeous.  And it is lush. I am not really sure how to describe it properly and paint a lovely picture with words, so I will hush up now but, eventually, when I am able to get a new camera lens (mine broke) I will take some Whidbey Sky pictures and you will see what I mean.
And, by the way, you only use an umbrella here if you are a tourist. So no umbrellas please. 
We will except any donation of galoshes in various sizes, however.  Just kidding.
Just know that we have no complaints about the weather and we enjoy splashing in puddles.

See, here is a Butter on the swing Boy and Dad made on a sunny day!


  1. I know what you mean!
    And it's true about the umbrellas. We never used them when we lived on Bangor. But when we went into town we always knew the Seattle tourists by their rain gear.
    Oh, and you can get away with the cutest hats there that you may not be able to wear in sunnier places. Because of the constant rain Kait and I always had cute hats.

  2. That mug cracks me up! :D

    Love the swing too!!

  3. I believe you...that's why the garden is so beautiful!


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