Keepin 'Em Busy

I remember the days when I thought it couldn't be possible to homeschool more than one grade at a time.  I wondered how exactly one was to keep little guys busy so a math lesson could be taught without a toilet flooding.  I knew I didn't want to resort to using the television as a baby sitter, tempting as it may be.    I thought I must need special toys (helpful though, they are) or magic tricks or something.

It didn't take long to figure out that it doesn't take much to keep little ones occupied long enough to teach a math lesson or two.

a full 45 minutes this lil bird played in the flour, pouring it back and forth between a couple of bowls, "helping mom cook."  He loved the texture of the flour between his fingers, toes, and apparently, eyelashes.

You don't have to find a baby sitter to bake bread, teach a math lesson, or sew.
There are so many exciting things to do, and many of them are right in the kitchen.

Today Pops stayed busy long enough for me to cook dinner by "washing the dishes" standing on the stool at the sink with a pot of water and a couple of measuring spoons.  Sure, he splashed water on the floor and counter, but I just dry it with a towel and count it as mopping. I know that he is learning so much by exploring, helping mom, and not watching mindless t.v. (or flooding toilets) plus, it's darn near free, and extremely adorable, in my opinion.

Bucket much prefers measuring cups and spoons to fancy toys.  

What are your favorite activities for keeping little ones busy?


  1. A wet cloth and baseboards. That'll keep Sam busy for a little bit.
    Seriously jealous about your baby chicks. And man has that boy grown! Can't believe how big Pops has gotten. WOW!
    Miss you guys.
    Oh, and thanks for all the awesome stuff. You rock, ya know.

  2. These pictures are wonderful! Does Pops still know what Grandma and Auntie M say about him..."I'm SO CUTE!!". So adorable! Love Eme's play stuff....if Great Grandma were alive she'd have given her some metal pots, pans and wooden spoons to play with and let her bang them around and make lots of noise! I know Eme's Daddy sure loved playing in Grandma's cupboard!

  3. That sounds like a great idea! Clean baseboards and a busy preschooler, win-win!
    You are welcome for the stuff. Wish you didn't need it though...


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