Yes! Saving summer clothes!

We eat a lot of blueberries and cherries in the summer.  I just love fresh fruit right off the vine, but I do not love the stains the juice leaves on my children's clothes.
I have thrown away sweet little summer dresses for lack of a good fruit stain remover.
The other day somebody (not naming names) gave Pops a handful of cherries in his brand new Old Navy Polo Shirt.  I did not drive all the way over to the main land to Old Navy to throw away a shirt after only one use! I was determined to find a solution, and I did.
I just wanted to share it with you, because I have now used it for cherries and blueberries and it totally worked like magic.  Maybe you already know this trick, so just act like it is the best news ever.  Are you ready?

Boiling water.  Yup, that is all.
Seems strange, hot water normally sets in a stain right?  That is what I thought.  I poured water right out of the tea kettle and the stains disappeared like magic.
Do you have any cool cleaning tricks you'd like to share?


  1. Cold water for blood.
    Dawn dish detergent for grease.
    Oxyclean Laundry stain remover for grass (also amazingly got out a coffee stain on a white jacket that had "set" in the dryer!)

  2. I've heard, but have not tried this. Soak anything stained in a dish tub with water and Oxyclean for 3 days, and it's supposed to get it out. But I think boiling water may be cheaper :)

  3. Ice in the coffee pot to get out stains from leaving pot on too long, and peanut butter to get chewing gum out of hair. Bet you knew those two!


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