Healthy Creamer

My husband loves creamer in his morning coffee.  I don't love hydrogenated oils and artificial flavors and all the other junk that I can't pronounce that makes up that creamer.  As a mostly green momma, I can't with a good conscience dump chemicals in my dear husbands morning cup of joe.  Seriously, it took me a good 6 months to get him used to the Sucanat I was sneaking in there, so I knew it would take some effort to wean him off the garbage creamer he so enjoys.  After looking around for organic creamers, I found them to be ridiculously expensive and not very yummy.  As a green but frugal momma, I can't justify that as my alternative either.  But, I found a healthier and more frugal, therefore delightful alternative!  And my husband actually LOVES it (as opposed to tolerating it) and I am so glad.

I apologize in advance that I still don't know how to use measuring utensils.  If you want to try out our super delicious creamer, you will just have to wing it.  Don't worry, it'll be great!

Ingredients :
Organic Half-n-half OR organic milk plus organic heavy whipping cream
Organic Maple Syrup
Vanilla (non imitation)

Pour some half-n-half (or cream plus milk) into a fancy glass container (the container makes it taste better, trust me)
then dump in some syrup (my cool container holds about 11 oz of the cream and I added enough syrup to make about 1/4 inch on the bottom )
add in some vanilla (for this same container I would guess I used about 3/4 tablespoon)
Shake like crazy

if you follow these very scientific and exact directions, then add it to your favorite freshly ground and brewed coffee, you will be enjoying a very delicious cup of coffee.  Also, my scientific instructions obliterate all calories, so don't worry about the fat in the cream.  Just enjoy the coffee, and pretend like you are drinking it with me.


Coming soon (hopefully): I am attempting a non-dairy version as Princess Growler still can't stand it when I enjoy dairy, but it is still in the swirling-around-in-my-mind stage.  Stay tuned.


  1. That was a great solution to the problem!

  2. Awesome! After a long time of buying good, but expensive real creamer, we switched to a half and half honey concoction, about a month ago, and really it is so yummy, and so much less expensive! I'll pretend I'm drinking my coffee with you tomorrow morning :) Maybe one day I will be!!


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