My Up Do

Thrifty, frugal, cheap...Recycle, upcycle, remodel...
whatever you want to call it.

I love projects and I needed curtains for the guest bedroom.  I wanted to be thrifty, but I also want something pleasing.  Sometimes it is really hard to fight the urge to just go out and buy something new.  I could justify this, I have family coming in and they need a curtain on the window, right?
Even a cheap curtain and rod set from good ole' wally-world would run about $40 buck now-a-days. (And your next door neighbor probably has the same stock curtain.)  I like something a bit different, and preferably not made in China. I already had a few pieces that were in the guest room so I hit up a couple thrift stores with those items in mind. 
I found these curtains for $1

added some ribbon

found a dowel and some old fashion hooks

and viola!

With just a little extra effort (not to mention fun) I was able to create this unique set for our guest room for just under $22 and it matches the main items we already had.

I have lots of other thrifty projects in the works, so stay tuned!


  1. I love the ribbon, what a great idea! Your room is so cute!


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