Fool Them!

How do you get your little ones to eat their greens?

I am always looking for good ways to get that calcium.  My family doesn't really drink milk (it is expensive, full of hormones, and not really good for you anyway) so greens it is.

I bough some swiss chard awhile ago, but wasn't quite sure how to cook it.  I happened to be roasting veggies for dinner and decided to throw the chard in also.

I simply washed the fresh leaves and laid them flat on a cookie sheet.  I gave a quick spray of olive oil, dusted with salt and garlic, and throw the pan in the oven on 350 just until they were crispy.
I served it up with dinner and called it chips since the leaves were paper thin and crumbly.

It totally worked!  My kids absolutely loved it.  I have since tried it with mustard greens, kale and chard and it is a complete success.  They like it so much they asked to plant swiss chard in the garden.

Boy made it again for lunch today and I was planning on taking pictures of it, but they ate it too fast.

You could try this too, and let me know your sneaky ways to feed your flock some greens!

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