The Scoop on the Coop and Poop!

Pops insists the chickens new home is called a poop, no matter how much I try to convince him its a coop.  Oh well.

Since our ladies aren't producing eggs just yet, we have them earning their keep by turning the compost pile.  They are really good at it.  It's like they were made to work in a garden or something.

Isn't the coop charming?  I am so proud of Mr. Pilot! A job well done!  

I didn't take a picture from the other side, but they even have their own sky lights.

It is a tractor, so the chickens can poop all over the yard instead of just one spot.  Doesn't that sound exciting?

They absolutely love their home.  They are roosting here, and you can see their nesting boxes down behind them.  That is where they will lay their eggs, and that side lifts up too, so we can easily gather our breakfast.

Chickens are awesome.  They go to bed around 7 pm every night, all on their own. My children could learn something from them.  (The going to bed at 7 on their own, not the pooping all over the yard, lol) They just go right up the ladder and then we use a pulley to raise it up for the night so no predators can get in, and they sleep tight all night.

Chicken poop is actually really good for the garden, did you know that?  They even sell chicken manure on the side of the road here.  Well, not actually the side of the road, but in the little farms that put signs along the side of the road anyway.  Maybe we could sell some.  Like a lemonade stand and the end of the drive way, only a poop stand instead.  Alright! I am only joking.

We are absolutely loving our chickens.

We are pretty sure Rosemary however, is not a Rose or a Mary.  Butter had re-named her him Rhubarb.  Luckily we found someone willing to take her if she is in fact, a him, and not for culling either (that means eating for all you non-chicken folk) either. All the signs are there, save the "cock-a-doodle" that would get us busted for having a rooster in town.  I am still holding out the teensiest bit of hope that she is just a manly hen, but we are preparing Butter for what seems inevitable.
I wonder if I should buy her a guinea pig or something, to easy the disappointment.  I think that would work, right up until my cat gets a hold of it.  So, scratch that idea.  Butter says she wants a piglet if Rosemary is Rhubarb.  I just don't think pigs are allowed in town.


  1. I have a pigeon I would be willing to give Butter...SUPER CHEAP too! LOL That coop is amazing, Mr. Pilot thought of everything. And you're's SO charming!

  2. What a beautiful coop! Brilliant plan idea. Aren't chickens fun? We've had ours for over a year now and absolutely love them! We only have 3 left- the other 3 were killed by a dog and a possum. I never thought I would actually cry over chickens, but I did! So keep a close watch on them.
    I came here via Mel over at We Are Culbertsons.

  3. Ha! Very fun read, and loved the pics :)


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