Who Needs a Dictionary?

I hope my kids are not the only kids that make up their own words.

Last night at the lake Butter yelled out "Look mom, a thirsty mountain, can I have a drink?"

and this morning Pops grabbed the microphone and said "it's a "calligator."

Boy used to ask me to tie his blanket on as a cape so he could be a "hipperoso."

and there are many more name changes, I just need to think on it for a bit.

Of course, we end up changing whatever the item's name to the adorable mispronunciation our children come up with so we now have our own family dictionary.

If your children have any cute sayings or new names for common things, share them with me!


  1. That's too cute! Unfortunately I can't think of any right now.

  2. Hoppacopter


    And many of Sam's S's are SH's. He sounds a little like Sean Connery. So, you know when he says 'sit', it sounds like something else.

    Culdesac is colbysac

    Marinara has been pronounced 'marajana'.

    And Kait used to call a remote an 'innie-mote'

    The list goes on and on.....

  3. My oldest used to call Rice Krispies "Pee Pees," and Lucky Charms were "Chunky Charms" :)

  4. Oh man, those are funny! You made me think of quite a few more too!


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