Mr. Pilot's Lip Jacket

So the Navy has lots of silly important rituals.  One is the Lip Jacket and Mr. Pilot has reached the stage in his training that he has earned the right to wear his.

Yup, it't time to bust out the stache.  From now until he lands on the boat U.S. Navy Ship next month, he will be wearing it proudly.

Bucket sure doesn't mind!


  1. Bill is envious of such a glorious show of manhood!
    Verbatim, from Bill.

  2. Bill the buddy, or Bill as in Grandpa in the above comment...cuz although it's attractive...can't even come close the bush on Grandpa's lip! PS: 3 mo pics of Bucket are BEEAAUUTIFULLL, and she makes Mr Pilot's stache look even better!


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