What a Helper!

My Boy loves to cook, what a blessing that is!  He offered to make breakfast today, as he does almost every day.  

He really loves working in the kitchen and he happens to have 2 uncles mastering the art of culinary...

(I'm not supposed to mention that the smoke alarm went off for so long that I had to take the battery out. (~:)

I think that children are capable of way more than is expected of them now days.  So many people my age (did I mention I am almost 30?) are completely lazy and irresponsible, and I think it is in part due to lack of experience.  My kids love being helpers, and they get such a sense of accomplishment for a job well done, plus they are better prepared for life.  Sure, I have to let go of my perfectionist expectations, but it is so worth it.  What a joy it is to have my children working alongside me, and what a blessing for Boy (not to mention his future wife!) to know how to cook a meal.

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  1. You go, Boy!! :D
    My youngest had plans to get up early and make muffins for us this morning, but changed his mind when 6:30 came awfully early, hehe (we had Tuesday school today, hence the early hour). Maybe tomorrow... :)
    You are right, we sell our kids short a lot of the time....... Thanks for the reminder, and kudos to your kiddos :D


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