My Little Lady, Guys.

My little Belle is turning into a fine young lady!  She has grown and changed so much this year (and I don't just mean physically) so we thought we'd celebrate and let her accompany Mr. Pilot to the Navy Ball.

 Doesn't she look lovely?

I did her hair myself, and was really quite pleased (I was really nervous to start, but Dad says it took me less then a half an hour, free, and beautiful.)

We practiced table manners and conversations for weeks before we told her our plan.

When she tried on the dress she guessed maybe it was for Christmas. When Daddy told her where she was going to wear it, she cried.  I may have cried a little, too.

She had such a lovely time, and even won the table centerpiece.

I think she looks simply Elegant, and no doubt will remember that night forever.


  1. Precious! Tears in my eyes! Beautiful girl, sweet memory! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh you looked gorgeous Guys! You're SO beautiful! Hope you have fun!

    - Kait

  3. WOW! Our little lady has sure grown up! She looks amazing, and Mom did a wonderful job on her hair! Daddy must have been beaming!


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