Just a laugh...

We always seem to have a comedian in our home.  It is currently Butter who is making us all laugh.

Yesterday Dad was telling a (rather long) really funny story.  At the end everyone (including Butter) laughed heartily.  Amidst the laughter, Butter requested "Uh, could you please start at the beginning?" in a rather puzzled tone.  Everyone laughed even harder...

After the big kids finished squeezing fresh orange juice for breakfast, Butter yelled out "Guys, I have a great idea! Next time, let's make ice cream juice!"

During our family discussion time Sis provided the answer "be obedient to God" to the question asked.  Butter clarified for us, "like, if God tells you that your tummy is hungry, you do it.  You eat."

A little laughter always brightens my day!

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