Did I mention, I am married to a Jet Pilot? (he's almost done!)

We had about the coolest field trip ever on Monday.

Mr. Pilot is bouncing for his CQ (practicing for his carrier qualification/landing on the ship.) He leaves next week for the ship so I made plans to go out of town to keep us busy. After an up close and more personal look, I am glad I will have something else to worry think about while he is gone!

Before you check out our pictures, you will need to get some perspective with this short video.

First we helped dad transform into Mr. Pilot.

That gear is sure heavy!  I holds all kinds of stuff like flares, knives, a life jacket, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I pray he never has to use.

Gotta love that mustache!

I must admit, I think my Mr. Pilot has the best Lip Jacket out of his entire class.

Walking out to the flight line.

Getting ready.

We all piled into the line shack, a tiny (really tiny) little space right on the runway where the two bosses sit and grade the pilots on their bounces.


Really Noisy!

As Dad was taking off Pops yelled out "Ready, Set, FLY!" and Mr. Pilot's LSO (Boss) said that was completely awesome.

Yes, that is Boy's head, and that is Mr. Pilot taking off in his jet.  I said we got an up close and personal look!

Bye Dad!

That is MY Dad!!!

If you watched that video link already, you may have heard "Roger Ball" over the radio.

Mr. Pilot's Boss let the kids give dad the radio calls.  Even the Bosses melted when Butter said "Roger Ball" to her daddy over the radio.  It was precious.

If the pilot messes up the tiniest bit, the boss calls out "Cha-ching" over the radio and the pilot has to pay for it.  $15.  For real.

We heard lots of Cha-Ching's that day, but Mr. Pilot wasn't one of them.  He's lucky.

In fact, he's the only one in his class that hasn't had one.  Did I mention he's lucky?  Not just because I am a frugal woman and could buy a lot of things with $15, but also because if he messes up on the ship it would cost way more than $15.  Way more.  I said I was glad I'm going out of town next week!

Bucket slept through the whole thing.  But, she was there!

We watched dad land and then headed back to meet him.

Even though he never left our sight, we were all very happy to see him on the ground again!

and we took turns trying on some of his gear

It was a very exciting day!

If you happen to think of us next week, keep Mr. Pilot in your prayers for a safe trip out to California, and safe "traps" on the ship.  You could pray for my nerves too, if you don't mind :~)


  1. That is so cool!
    Awesome day for you guys!!!

  2. That is so incredibly awesome Mr. Pilot!!! A dream come to reality. I am so proud of you and proud that I can say, "I knew that guy before he ws too cool for words!"


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