The ~in NOT of~ Dictionary

Feeking - Sword Sheath-from Boy

TeeTee - Blankie- (this is especially funny because it started with Guys so all of my children call his or her blankie a TeeTee and apparently in the south TeeTee means using the restroom.  I discovered that at my first midwife appointment when the nurse have me the cup and said "Just put your Tee-Tee in here and set it in the little window." I almost laughed out loud.

Uppie - Pick me up- from my first two children

Hold Her- Pick me up- from Peanut

Up and Down- Pick me up- from Butter

Hold You- Pick me up- from Pops

Ashshore- Dinosaur- from Pops (sounds like something I can't type here)

Hipperoso- Superhero- from Boy

Thirsty Mountain- Drinking Fountain- from Butter

Calligator- Microphone- from Pops

I'll keep adding to the word bank as new words are invented by the official ~in NOT of~ word makers.


  1. Haha! My Grandma used to use "tee tee" the same way! :D

    I thought "Thirsty Mountain" was going to be Mt. Dew :D

    Too fun!!!


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