Bucket is 3 months. Already!

Lil' Bucket is 3 months old.  I have said it before, and I will probably say it every time I talk about her, she is getting big fast, and time is flying!

She is "talking" to us all the time, and she is almost never not smiling.  She is such a happy baby!

She doesn't get to nap long, it is inevitable that some doting brother or sister will give her a hug or a kiss and "accidentally" wake her up.  Then, said brother or sister will announce "The baby is awake, and wants me to hold her!"

 See, she's 12 pounds now.  I know because I weigh her on my postal scale once a week. Ok, sometimes every day.  Or twice a day. Yes, I'm a bit obsessive.  She doesn't mind.

 Hanging out in the car waiting for Dad, I think her eyes might stay blue.  She has the same reddish hair that Guys had, and her eyes stayed blue.  

 Checking out some toys at a friends house.

 Napping in her homemade t-shirt.

Bucket is a very cuddly baby, she loves being snuggled close.  That is a good thing, especially since Butter can't walk past her with out giving her a really smooshy kiss and a big bear hug.  You can tell by Bucket's expression how she really feels, but she's a good sport. Most of the time.

In our home someone is always reading and someone is always holding Bucket so that means someone is always reading to Bucket! This week she's learning all about Confucius and The Great Wall of China, Fancy Nancy, Gospel Powered Parenting, and Systematic Theology. Maybe she'll be really smart?

It has been a quick three months with her, yet somehow it feels like she has always been with us. She has certainly brought much joy to our family and we are so blessed by her smiles and coos.  

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