Why do things go bump in the night...

when my Knight in Shining Armor is not here to rescue me? I hear every noise, every frog croak, every car drive by, the cat scratching at the door, every toss and turn of my children, every neighbor come home.

And then LP monitor goes off. Six blaring times. There is no LP in site. I spend an hour on the internet trying to find out what else could set it off. After calling my Knight and letting him know I am not to happy with his lack of being here, he sends me out in the dark to double check that the LP is not connected. Of course it isn't connected. So we determine that the only other solution must be as found on google, either the dog (seriously!) or maybe the full black water tank. Back outside into the dark and scary wilderness at midnight, (did I mention in the dark and that our outside light is burned out?) I go deep into the woods (one small bush like tree beside our trailer) to empty the black water tank, I double check for snacks or skunks and get the job done. My neighbors across the lake are sitting on their porch laughing at me. Back inside I discover the black water tank is still reading full even though I just ever so bravely dumped it. One more thing to fix. I move the dog out of the kitchen just in case, turn on the fan and open the window and call it a night...

Except that now with the window open all of the sounds of the great (dangerous and terrifying) outdoors are magnified. And the cat is tangled in the blinds trying to get out the open window.
Closing in on 3 am I finally fell sleep.

Funny thing is, if my Knight in Shining Armor was here, he'd have told me not to worry and promptly fallen back asleep and I'd have been fumbling in the dark anyhow. Still, it doesn't change the way I feel safe and secure with him snoring beside me. I sure do miss him!

Now in the morning of course, it's all a bit silly. As I always discover in the Light, there is nothing to fear. Isn't it amazing how things appear differently in the Light?

Psalm 27:1&2 Says "The Lord is my Light and my Salvation- so why should I be afraid?
The Lord protects me from danger-So why should I tremble"


  1. That's right! Let the light shine even when darkness appears!

  2. Seriously? The DOG?! LOL!!!
    You poor thing. All that would be exhausting!!


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