Feeding the Flock

The biggest challenge (for me at least) has been the cooking. I just finally disciplined myself to home cook all of our meals this past January, and now I have to go and change it.

First, there are all kinds of really yummy restaurants really close by, and that is a huge temptation for me. Why would I want to cook when I could have someone else do the dishes?

Next, how does one keep a kitchen with no refrigerator? Ok, so I have a refrigerator. It is just very, very small.
It's a good thing we don't buy milk by the gallon. I am very glad we brought the deep freeze, and that saves us, but you can't keep salad in the freezer. I find that I am having to cook so there are almost no left-overs and I need to buy the small size yogurt since the big one wouldn't fit. I have to change the way I plan and shop for meals. I really wish I had more room for salad. I hope I'll have the system all figured out by the time dad needs packed lunches on a daily basis. (mental note, regular size fridge in the next RV)

Here is the real challenge:
By my own choice I am not using the oven or stove. I want the LP left off in the trailer because I like to avoid extra risks (I am, at times, a ninny). LP is Liquid Petroleum a.k.a. Propane in case you were wondering. This means that I am not using the stove, oven, or hot water heater (hence using the coffee pot for dish water). It just gives me the heebejeebies. You wouldn't bring your grill inside would you? I can't see how is using an LP powered stove is any different. Never mind the LP decector right beside the stove...
So I am limiting myself to using my electric skillet, crock pot, rice cooker, and the grill outside. Whenever Dad suggests turning on the LP, I come up with a way around it. Like yesterday when I made scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and turkey sausage for breakfast. I only have one electric skillet and three things to cook. Of course I can't just cook them all together, Guys and I really dislike eggs. I can't cook them one at a time and have cold potatoes by the time the eggs are done. So my solution? I cooked the potatoes and kept them in the crock pot on low, then I browned the sausage and put it beside the potatoes in the crock pot, then I cooked the eggs and served it up. Turned out perfectly!

I think I will spend more time on this cooking BLOG and have dad drop by the commissary for some salad on his way home from work every other day. I am hoping to find a farmer's market close by too, because I don't want to sacrifice eating healthy on account of a small fridge.

Dad said I'm going to have to give in with the LP when winter comes and we are freezing our behinds off. But I brought an electric heater. It has a remote and thermostat and we used it to heat the entire upstairs of our huge house in Colorado so I know it will be sufficient. I win!

As far as cooking goes, please feel free to share with me some great receipes that only require one pot (I can use it on the grill outside), an electric skillet, or crock pot... I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions so I can still bring my family to green pastures. Thanks!


  1. We live in an RV too. I certainly don't worry about the LP, I'm pretty sure they were designed to be used. Anyway we eat raw most of the day, which means I only use the juicer in the morning. Also we have a solar oven which works great. I don't use the stove or oven during the summer, because it heats the trailer up to much. So, I crock pot, cook on the grill out side, or use the solar oven. Try this recipe. Place 1 cup steel oats in crock pot with 4 cups water and a pinch of salt. Turn on low and go to bed. In the morning add honey, milk or whatever you fancy. Awesome breakfast. Love reading your blog from time to time BTW. Liz Bojie's friend Carie Means.

  2. I must admit, actually seeing proof that someone I don't know is reading out blog is a bit intimidating. But encouraging too! I had never seen your blog until you posted, and have enjoyed reading over the last couple of days. We have been *trying* to get on a healthier diet for the last couple of years and have made huge strides, but I feel like we still have so far to go. I find produce to be very expensive where we live. We were so spoiled when we lived in Boulder, CO. How do you keep your produce fresh? Do you just go and buy produce every day? What are steel oats (our commissary has regular oats and quick oats)?
    I am sure I'll be frequenting your blog now that I have discovered it. Thanks for your tips!


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