Say a prayer for daddy please!

My hubby is going to have a baby tomorrow. Ok, not really, but when he explained all of the "torturous" side affects of the CFET training he has to do tomorrow, I remarked at how closely it resembled birthing a baby.

Loss of blood flow to the head, incredible pain, using breathing techniques to combat fainting due to lack of oxygen, bearing down until you body can't take it any more...

Yes, that sounds like having a baby to me.

I don't know all of the exact details and the correct terminology for the training he is doing but I do know that he will have to tolerate 7 G's and that he can't pass out. Some guy we know said it was the worst 30 seconds of his life.

You can read about something like what he will be doing here and see a video here
and if you Google centrifuge training you can

We took him to the airport this afternoon and prayed with him before saying our teary eyed good-byes. We are always very sad to see him go. He will be gone for only a few days, but he will be sorely missed. He fills our home with laughter and we seem quite dull without him here.

He does get to visit his dad while at the training and this is all very exciting for him so we stay positive by praying for him and sharing in his excitement and joy.
I am told he gets to purchase the video of his own experience, so hopefully I can post it when he gets home.
We are thankful for your prayers, too.

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