Time limts and priorities

This is our 11th move in not quite 10 years. Yes, I said eleventh. Not all of the moves were required by the Navy, for example when Boy was born we chose to move out of our 750 square foot caulking sealed wood floor military apartment to a 3 bedroom duplex with laminate floor thick black cabinets, but we have moved 11 times none-the-less. One of my biggest pet peeves about all the moving is that there are so many details at the very end that we are stuck scrubbing switch plates and light fixtures so we don't get adequate time to say good-bye. I am not very good at good-bye but I feel like so many things are left undone.

This is the place that I have disliked the most, yet had the best time. I really, really, I mean really disliked this area. We all really disliked it here. I could go on for hours with complaints but I know how much a mother has influence on her family so so we would sit around the dinner table and take turns stating something we liked about Florida just so we wouldn't feel so bad. It was hard work to go around the table twice. That was until we found the co-op, (that is the place where homeschool families meet and take classes together, you know, so we're socialized.) We have belonged to co-ops before, but there is nothing like the paths that we crossed here. I have met some truely wonderful people here and I finally understand what "Titus 2" means. I have found my Spiritual Family. These are not just people like me, we aren't all brainwashed into thinking the same things. In fact we are all very different. We come from very different walks of life, very different backgrounds, we differ in beliefs, ideas on raising children, being a wife, homeschooling, and keeping house. We go to different churches, read different versions of the Bible, cook different types of food, you get the idea. One thing we don't differ on though, is the God we serve. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I feel very blessed that we were here, even the short time it was. I will walk away from Florida on Friday morning a completely changed person. Even Boy pointed out that this was the place we have made the most friends, "even you, mama" he said with tears in his eyes. So thank you to all the wonderful people here. I can't say enough how much you have meant to us. You will forever be etched in our hearts.

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  1. I totally agree, this place has truly been a blessing and we've only been here less then 5 months.

    It's always nice to "walk" away from a town that has opened your heart and has helped you spiritually grow.


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