I don't like wasps.

Yesterday while at swimming lessons Butter accidentally stirred up a pot of wasps. She was just sitting beside me on the floor while I was nursing the baby and watching the older children take lessons. She stood up and was messing around the drinking fountain when all of the sudden there were wasps everywhere. Instinct took over and I grabbed Butter by the arm and sort of flug her in front of me and wrapped my body over the baby as we ran for cover. The baby never flinched so I knew he was fine, but Butter was screaming that she got stung. After a comeplete look-over from one of the dad's who happened to be an HM (that is military for Hospital Corpmen and I believe translates as Nurse) we determined that she didn't get a bite even though they were on her. So after checking on the babes and making sure we weren't still under attack, I could pay mind to the incredibly warm and painful sensation running down my arm. The adrenaline was flowing for sure, but there was much more going on here. Yup, I got hit. My elbow swelled up pretty fast and the HM insisted that I run over to medical and have it looked at. He asked if I was allergic and I told him no, but my dad is highly allergic. I have been stug before and I remembered it being painful, but dang, this really hurt! I was just going to wait until lessons were over and go home and lick my wounds but suddenly found that my arm had swelled up pretty good and I felt kind of funny. I called my hubby at work and he came over to meet me at the pool and we went over to medical. Of course I hadn't filled out the paperwork yet from the move and couldn't be seen until I did that, so they gave me some ice and I filled out paperwork. After all of the paperwork I decided to just get some benadryl and go home. Today, it is still very swollen and there is a large red circle covering my entire elbow and it is very warm and painful. Itchyness is starting to set it too, and I definately don't like wasps.


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