Uhg. Grrr. Hmmm.

Well, you can put your prayers for daddy on hold for a bit, or redirect them if you please...
The connecting flight to get him to Cali got all messed up, Go Navy! So after being stranded in Utah for almost 24 hours and missing the CFET training, daddy was told to board a plane to come back home since they couldn't get him in for two weeks. Just as he was about to board he was told never mind, they were going to get him in. This happened a few more times, causing a few more missed flights...There are times when I really love the Navy! So now daddy is stuck all alone in the middle of nowhere in Cali until the 31st and what was supposed to be a 2 night trip is now 9 days. He only packed one extra pair of underware. This makes me cry.

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