More of the simple life...

I am not really sure this life is simple, but it is much simpler then it was before. So, for lack of a better title, that is what it is.
Reading some Word with Dad
Playing some DS
and some Chess
and the transformation at bed time all the clothes buckets come off the beds and get put at the table and beds get pulled out too. The table also makes a queen bed and the couch a twin, but they'd prefer to stick to the bunk beds and the floor.
we have switched sleeping places several times, but finally found one that works for everyone. Guys has the top bunk, Peanut and Butter share the bottom (it is a double), the Boy takes the mattress on the floor, (though he actually prefers the floor) and Pops takes the play-pen of course. Oh, and the cats have taken a liking to the tops of the rubbermaids or behind the couch, and the dog sleeps right at the foot of my bed so I trip over her every time I get the baby in the middle of the night.

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