Woodbee- That's the Place for Me!

It's been a bit of a whirlwind since we arrived. We were greeted by dinner from old friends, that was a wonderful welcome to Whidbey Island! We have seen 4 Bald Eagles, a huge doe and a little deer visit every night in our RV park, we have gorgeous views of ocean and mountains on both sides, and we found out that because of the Olympic Mountains the island actually gets a lot less rain and is much warmer than the surrounding areas, that is great news! There are farms with fresh foods everywhere, including raw milk, and the commissary is huge with tons of local meats and organic foods. I am thrilled!

After we unhooked the trailer we spent a couple exhausting days looking for a new home when the Buffalo (that's what we affectionately call our van)started moaning and groaning. Apparently the Buffalo gave it all she had to get us here safely. We reluctanly canceled our trip down near Seattle to see family and took the Buffalo to the shop. Yikes, we sure broke her and it's going to be lots of days and lots of $$$ before we get her back. We even got a second opinion.

Of course, that leaves us without a car to look for houses in and explore this amazing place- that is a bit stressful. We had managed to get to church before we took the van in, and what a blessing, we had a great day of fellowship, got connected with the homeschool group, and got a loaner car all at once. We are so thankful to be a part of the body.

I found myself getting a bit discouraged though, and add on that I overpacked the trailer thinking we would be in a new place right away- making it a bit cramped in here. Too cramped to even organize or remember where I put the bag of clean socks. And the phone and internet service at this RV park is awful, making it hard to look for houses. And the property managers in the area informed us that our family is big... Who knew?!! So big though, that because our kids and pets and the septic systems, we could only rent a place that is double or more than our budget will allow, or we must live in town.

How can we live in town and still have as big yard, a garden, and chickens??? Maybe we aren't supposed to have a big yard and chickens? Well, God knows the exact plans He has for us, the neighbors He wants us to have, and all the other details already. Maybe He will line us up with someone that just needs to get their mortgage paid and wants good stewards to take care of their home. And hopefully it we will be before Dad has to leave to go back to MS...

I will not be dismayed!


  1. You have been on my mind, and in our prayers (I shared the housing dilemma with my mom too). Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see what God has ready and waiting for you!! {{{{{ hugs }}}}}

  2. I love your post! We have been talking about you guys so much, and knowing that you are going to love it there! Sometimes we play around and look at houses up there, and the first thing I ask Bill is, well can I have chickens there?? No. What about a garden!!! I love it! I am so excited that you guys are there, and I do pray you get a house soon, and I am so thankful that your buffalo got you there! What a blessing! We miss you guys! Can't wait to read more!


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