6 Months in a Blur!

This little Bucket of sweetness is growing fast! I for some reason imagined that she wouldn't grow much since we left Mississippi. Maybe I thought all the time in the car seat would stunt her growth, but no. She is saying "da-da" much to her daddy's delight, she started sitting up a couple of days ago, and last night I came across the scale and she is a whopping 17 lbs of squishy cuteness! She absolutely loves being squished and snuggled and smooched and we sure enjoy spoiling her. She is going to be running before we know it!

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  1. This life has been such a blur for us too, I can't believe Adaniah is going to be 1 in 4 days! I was really hoping to meet that Bucket of love before she was a big girl, but looks like she is just growing too fast! Your family is just beautiful! We love you guys!


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