Day Four- New Mexico

This was probably my least favorite day.  It was stressful.  And long.  And extremely cold!

we were still getting a kick out of seeing our house in the review mirror

 We safely dodged the winter storms and made it down the Raton Pass without a glitch.

but somehow we weren't aware of the pass just out side of Sante Fe.  It was big- 7,500 feet.  It was dark.  And it was covered with sloppy snow (at only 24 degrees, we were glad it wasn't ice) and semi truck drivers who don't care our windshield wipers aren't working.  It was not fun.  

And the temperature inside our trailer never rose above 34 degrees that night in Albuquerque.  It was cold.  Thank goodness for down comforters and long underwear!  I doubt I will ever think fondly of Albuquerque again.  I am so glad that day is over!


  1. Oh man! Wish it was a better experience for you guys! It can be such a beautiful place. I am from Albuquerque, so think of it fondly just for that reason! :) Glad you made it to Washington safe!!

  2. Amanda, I had a better time the next day, which I already wrote about (including about you) and it will be published tomorrow. ;-)
    I am over freezing my behind off in Albuqurque, and can go back to thinking of it as your hometown. I sure hope you get to move here!!!


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