Day Eight- Tackling Siskiyou Summit

This was my most dreaded day.  I had googled and read far too much about the mountain pass ahead of us.  My imagination can tend to run wild, and wild it ran.

Here was the sign, marking my end~ my decent, off the side of the mountain, plunging to my slow, painful, and untimely death...

My husband bought a labyrinth game for me on his iPad, Guys loaned me her mp3 player, Pops lent me his dirty t-shirt to put over the brim of my cowboy hat and I didn't plunge over the side of the mountain!  Thank you my sweet family, for humoring me.  And not taking my picture with a dirty shirt on my head.

We made it safe, and spent the evening relaxing and catching up with friends in Oregon.  It was a wonderful end to a not so bad day.

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