Liver and Onions

Ok, so I had already decided (pre-Paleo) that I needed to include some organ meats into my diet.  They are SUPER good for you.  But, this is coming from a girl that just a few years ago would even touch chicken on the bone, despite her rabbit loving upbringing...

My solution is to sneak it in and let it grow on me.  This is actually my third meal of adding some organs, here is my trick:

That is a cow liver and a grater.

I keep the liver frozen and grate it right into my sauteeing onions.

You can hardly tell its there, and you can't taste a thing!

Almond crusted chicken breast and savory asparagus with caramelized mushrooms and onions (and liver) on a bed of greens.  Yum!
(no one (besides me) even noticed the liver, too bad I can't trick myself)

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