It has been 8 years.

I can't even believe it.  8 years ago the Lord gave me a blessing I couldn't even comprehend.  If you know much of my story, you might know that Peanut represents so much to me.  A beautiful gift for which I am ever so thankful.

My lil Peanut is 8 years old.  She might be small but she packs a big punch.  She never lets anything get in her way and she figures out how to make things work.  She wants to be a big, and is determined to prove it.  She requested to have laundry duty this month, so I let her try. I get a little chuckle when I walk by and see her half way in the wash machine to do her chore.  Even as a tiny tot she would go through great effort to stack things up to climb on the counter and sneak candy of the top of the fridge.  She is a tremendous big sister, she absolutely loves to entertain Bucket. She is also a very sweet daughter, always asking how she can help me, especially in the kitchen.  She really cares about others!

In our family you get to choose your meals on your birthday.  Sis chose the ever popular Peanut-butter and jelly french toast for breakfast.  This was followed by mexican rice and beans for lunch, and Grandma Craven's tacos for dinner.  Even though she doesn't care for spicy, she sure loves her mexican food.  She also has the most mexican looks of all my children, resembling the dark skin and hair of her daddy's family.

Our newest birthday tradition is courtesy of our BFTKC's, and it brings much excitement!
 A birthday scavenger hunt!

Peanut's first gift was a new bible.

her very own Lilla Rose Clip!

contemplating with a special friend what the next gift could be...
boots for the cowgirl!

In our adventures of gaining weight struggles in Peanut's toddler years (hence her nickname), avocado became her favorite food as it is high in fat and was offered often.  I home-made avocado ice-cream as a surprise, and even my guys that dislike avocado loved it and asked for thirds.  I will be making this again!

A Happy Birthday Girl!

plus a Bucket and "Roses" sharing some birthday treat.

She insisted on helping in the kitchen
her sisters as well...

to make her peanut butter ice cream cake served on Great Grandma's plate.

Don't let her sweetness fool you, this girl is goofy to the core!

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  1. Awww! It looks like ya'll had a great time! I love the cowboy boots! I'm wanting to get some for Londyn and myself. I also love the Lila Rose hair clip. I just recently bought one and have been very impressed!


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