"I Will Praise You in the Storm"

I am sure you have all heard about the storms and tornados in the south last week.  And do you remember when I told you about an Inspiring Weekend we had last year at 

this church?  How we sat right in front of the blog owner of Generation Cedar and didn't even realize?
My correspondence with Kelly has grown over the last year, and what an encouragement she has been to me.

And now, even more.

This is Kelly's house now, after a tornado ripped through it with her family of 11 and 3 other families in it.

Here is what happened

And here is some of her response:
May the Lord be glorified.  May all who see these stories understand what power and passion lies in the blood of those bound together in Christ.
I wouldn’t change things if I could because after experiencing this kind of love, to reverse the tornado damage would mean losing that experience.

I have been so humbled by her unwavering faith in the works of the Lord.  He is mighty to save, all is not lost.
Join with me in prayer for all of the families that are still sifting through the debris and mourning lost loved ones?
and If you want to help in a tangible way, click HERE

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