I'd Rather Be...

If the weather is "nice," you can pretty much bet that my house is a mess.  Somehow all the chores get set aside because we'd rather be outside, or at least running in and out tracking dirt all over the house.

I think it was in the upper 60's today.  I guess that is the new "nice." At least, everyone from around here says it is nice.
I would prefer 78, but it is sunny, so I can't complain much.  We have been doing much of our school work in the back yard this week, it is so nice to be in the fresh air!

The little chicks are getting big.
 This is Gretchen.  Isn't she lovely?  I didn't get a good picture of dad's chick today,  but she is lovely too.  Her name is Gylfie.

 and Socks is such a good dog.  She is going to help keep the chickens in the yard, I think.

and the big chicks are about ready to move into their coop.  They are 7 weeks tomorrow, and we were advised by the Farm Store that we could move them outside at 8 weeks.  They have been in their coop in the garage for about a week now, I thought they were getting too dusty to be in the living room!

We are trying to teach them to scratch, or till up the soil, for the garden areas.  They are sure fun to watch!

(That is called Chicken Hypnotism)

I really hope Rosemary is a girl....

I never would have imagined I'd need one of those signs for my wall, you know one that says "I'd rather be fishing"
except mine would say "I'd Rather be Chasing Chickens!"


  1. hey girl, it is so wonderful to hear from you! I hope yall are doing well! I love being able to read your blog and see what great things are going on way up and over where yall are. Things here are good, but I miss everyone in Meridian A LOT (that includes you, even though you don't live there either anymore :) ). And I did not take those pictures, I wish I did! They are from my "favorites" on flickr. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from flickr, anyway, you can make a mosaic at and that's all that is.

    And your sewing looks great, i love your napkins! I need to make some of those cause I am a serious paper towel user. And I wish I could come over and sew with you, that would be so fun! And speaking of sewing skills, I have plans to make you another blanket when you, Lord willing, are expecting again. I still think about the one I made you and see all my mistakes I made! I have learned so much just in the past year, and want to redeem myself with a better one next time!! Anyway, I just loved hearing from you, we miss yall!

  2. does the chicken hypnotism work? Do you chant "You want to lay an egg, you don't feel the reason for existence without laying an egg, all your eggs will be golden!!" HEE HEE. My they sure are big and I'm glad you get to move them outdoors now! They look right at home...make sure to get pics later of Socs corraling the chickens. Better yet, Lone RAIN-GER and Socs corralling the chickens! I bet your yard is magnificent!


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