Since I don't like throwing money away...

A house with lots of little people = a house with lots of messes.  I could go through a roll of paper towels in one day.  Sometimes even in one mess, if it's a fun one!

I started seeing myself throw a quarter in the garbage every time I threw away a half used paper towel.  Throwing away a quarter seemed a little not-so-smart to me.
Here is what I came up with:

I made about 20 of these for less than $10 and I don't have to throw them away! Aren't they pretty?
So pretty I'm having a hard time using them, lol. They are just for meals though.
I decided to keep one roll of paper towels under each sink for those "nasty" messes that I'd rather not wash.  Just in case the washing machine leaves something behind.

You know, for when Pops decides to clog and unclog the toilet "all by myself!" Fun!


  1. Very pretty!! :) Is it a cotton blend, or ??
    I lived with some missionaries in France for a couple of months when I was in high school, and everyone had his or her own cloth napkin to use for the week. One of those simple/smart ideas!!

  2. They turned out beautiful. I love the pattern and colors! You did a very nice job!

  3. TwoBoysMom:
    It is just cotton. I love simple/smart ideas!

    CMC: thanks! I hate that I see all the flaws, but I am pleased enough.

  4. That's cuz you're a true ARTEEEST! HEE HEE


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