An Inspiring Weekend.

I finally came to the realization I'm not going to have time to type up my own post about our wonderful weekend in Branchville, AL at the American Vision conference.  I kept thinking I'll get around to sharing, but we have been incredibly busy enjoying life.  Since I don't want to deprive you of such wonderful encouragement, I'll share what some of the talented authors we met at the conference found time to write.

One couple we "met" on Facebook prior to the conference came all the way from Vancouver and said THIS about the weekend.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the amazing owner from the blog Generation Cedar that I've been following for a year was sitting with her beautiful family in the pew behind me! HERE is what she had to say.

One of the speakers, Joel McDurmon said THIS.  I spent several hours with his wife, Lori, in the "cry room" of the overwhelmingly amazing Branch Cove Church.

The audio from the weekend will be online soon, I'll be sure to post the link.  These articles, and the audio are totally worth your time.  

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