Boy found wild raspberry vines all through the woods by our house.  It is so exciting!  It fits in with some of the books we have been reading about taking dominion and exploring the wilderness .

I am just loving how much living in this little travel trailer has been like camping in the woods for us.  We have learned SO much and enjoyed even more!


  1. hey girl, that sounds yummy! They may actually be unripened blackberries, check and make sure. They look like raspberries when they aren't ripe and I think the blackberry is more common around here. Joseph and my first house was and old bungalow style house, rent free, on an old farm. There were cows in the pastures right behind our little old house, and along the fence lines in almost every pasture were blackberry vines. It was so, so wonderful. We would go out with our 2 labs (i was pregnant with Ruth) and pick big bowlfuls after big bowlfuls! The dogs would even eat them while we were picking them! I froze tons of them. Anyway, what joy to find them, raspberry or blackberry!! Sounds like yall are having, or have had, a great week! Take care

  2. Love it! Gonna make some jam??? :D


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