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Sweet potatoes just might be my new favorite veggie. I have never liked them, not even a little. My mom always made me taste them every Thanksgiving and the outcome was always the same. "Yuck!"

Well, my good friend Mom-a-lot has changed that for me. Her sweet potatoes are so good I actually bought a 25 pound bag of sweet potatoes off the side of the road yesterday. No, they weren't just sitting on the side of the road... I'm in the south and the local farmers sell stuff on the side of the roads here. Don't ya know?
Anyway, Sweet potatoes roasted with olive oil, onions, and green peppers is my new favorite dish. Makes my mouth water! I have adapted Mom-a-lot's recipe a bit for my skillet, I just cut them into cubes and sauté them in a little olive oil with onion, green pepper, garlic, and Celtic salt. We really like them that way and have had that dish quite a few times the last couple of weeks. Since I never like to follow a recipe, I've been experimenting with them. So far I've made them with the onion and green peppers and added regular potatoes too, yum. I added squash another time, super yum. Green beans, yum again. Today we had them with some regular potatoes and eggs, bacon, and tomatoes, really yum. I still have to try them baked and then see what other foods with which I can whip them up .

Another new family favorite is zucchini boats. First I browned ground turkey and added lots of seasonings to make it like sausage (you could just use ground sausage but I think sausage is gross). Then I cut a bunch of zucchinis in half length wise and scooped out the insides. I sauteed the zucchini boats for a bit and then I stuffed them with havarti cheese and the meat mixture (and some left over rice, but you could leave that out) and cooked a few minutes more. I'm supposing you could just bake them, but I don't have an oven ;-) It''s so good that all my kids ate all their zucchini, score!

I'll add pictures later.

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