2 more yummy meals

Here are two more meals we had this week.  They were really good, so I though I'd share.

I made this for breakfast yesterday.  It's green apples, lemon, oats, pecans, some brown sugar and some cinnamon.  I peeled about 6 green apples and cooked them in a small amount of water and the juice of one lemon in my skillet.  When they were pretty soft I added some cinnamon and scooted them over to half the skillet.  In the other half I melted some butter, added the pecans, oats, and brown sugar and just kept stirring until it looked good.  Mix it all together right before you serve. 

This one I can't claim as my own, I adapted it from $5 Dinner Mom's recipe HERE.  I used a red jalapeno from our garden for the avocado stuffed tomato, and I used feta cheese and kalamata olives because that's what I had on hand, instead of the provencal cheese and black olives for the cheese and olive tomato. I also skipped the grilling part since I changed the cheese.  I only made one of each because I thought my kids wouldn't like it.  Big mistake.  Pops ate about half of the avocado tomato, even though it was full of jalapenos and onions.  He has never even liked tomatoes before.  Sis and Butter ate half of the cheese tomato and Dad said they were so good we had to come up with some super cool names for them.  Guac-a-mato and Greek Stuff or something like that.

I am really having fun coming up with delicious meal ideas and I am finally discovering cheaper ways to do it.  Do you know any great, healthy, cheap blogs or recipes?  Please share them!


  1. Wow, you continue to amaze me (and amuse me ~~ "guacamato" ~~ haha!).
    Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Sounds yummy! I just found this website, and I love it. I have tried about 10 recipes in the last week, and we've liked every one of them! Super healthy stuff, and it's all yummy!

  3. Wow those Guacamatoes look YUMMY!


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