Bucket is a month old!

This little girl has stolen our hearts! She is definitely one of us, her eyebrows are raised even while sleeping! 

 She's been a bit of a stinker, eating lazily just like her big Sis did, so I am having to pay special attention to nursing her to get some weight on her.  I said when I was pregnant that I had a feeling she was going to take some of Sis's features because Butter seems to favor Guys and it just has to be even.  I think Bucket misunderstood, I meant Sis's looks and not her personality.  :~) She won't even sleep but for a few moments unless someone is holding her, just like Sis when she was a newborn!  That is just fine by us, we love holding her and we are sure blessed by Sis, picky eating and all.

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